Naptime is Craftime


I am so excited about my new craftime page!! Whoop Whoop!!  Let's get going!

I am going to update this page with links to my favorite craft posts and projects, pictures and tutorials.  It is also going to be a little bloggy journal for how things are going for me in the crafting world.

Right now I am majorly into knitting, but I have a bunch of other things I want to try in 2011.  It will be a lot more than knitting stuff, I promise!  Most of my crafting ideas come from other blogs, magazines, and such.  I am definitely a wonderful copier, but sometimes I can bust out with some awesome craftiness all on my own...crazy right?

Craft Goals and Favorite Crafty Posts....

Birthday Party Inspiration


Pretty In Pink- Pink Gingham First Birthday Party -March 2011 -read about it here
Details include:
Homemade cothes - #1 Birthday Shirt and Pink Gingham Reversible Pinafore
Mason Jar party favors
Homemade Cupcake Toppers and Much More!

General Crafts


Birdie wreath for Ellie's room (some sewing involved) completed Feb 11 directions and pattern here


 Reusing Curtains to make Wall Art-Simple and Easy -completed Sept 11 tutorial here

re-d0 Christmas blessing ring-completed Jan 2011 read about it here


burlap wreath for door- completed Jan 2011  read about it here


Wood wreath with handmade felt flowers -completed Feb 2012 read about it here


homemade memory game tutorial completed- read tutorial here


burlap bulletin board -completed Oct 2010 read about it here


burlap table runner - completed Oct 2010- read about it here

  • 4th of July flag wreath (saw this on another blog)
  • felt board for Bradley (already have the background felt) 
  • little shrub plants for built-in shelves in family room
  • mantel decorations for family room-something that will last throughout the seasons
  • valance curtains for powder room/kids bath (no sewing involved!!)
  • no sew tutu for Ellie

Hand Sewing

  • felt food for Ellie's card table house for her birthday, patterns found here

Sewing Crafts


lined curtains for the family room - completed Feb 2011  tutorial part one here
                                                                                                      tutorial part two here 

      Ellie's card table playhouse - completed March 2011 read about it here
      Card Table Pattern- found here  


      Dining Room Curtains- completed July 2012 read about them here


       Pinafore for Ellie- Reversible -completed March 2012 read about it here 

       Family Room Pillows with Zippers - completed Sept 2011 read about it here  


      Applique #1 for Ellie's First Birthday -completed spring 2011 read about it here 

      •  tool belt for Bradley

      • tool belt with tools for Sammy's birthday (April)
      • pillowcase dress for Ellie
      • matching ruffle pants for Ellie (need pattern)
      • knot dress for Ellie (already have the pattern)
      • applique shirt or dress for Larken & Amalie's birthdays (April)
      • picnic blanket for girlfriends birthdays Cali (June) Lindsay (April)
      • spill mat for under the easel 

      Knitting Crafts
      knitted snake for Bradley - completed Jan 2011 read about it here


      adorable knit doll for Ellie's birthday- completed Feb '11 read about knitting tips here

      • knit doggies for Bradley and Ellie for Easter baskets
      • wrist mittens for Kim (have the yarn, need a pattern)
      • advent calendar of knitted bags-no pattern, just copy the idea from Garnett Hill
      • throw blanket, similar to Pottery Barn, maybe like this or this for our couch-see how long this takes, and possibly make one for Kim/Adam & Shawn/Rebecca for Christmas next year
      • knitted wrap/scarf for myself
      • cable knit scarf for myself (already have the yarn)
      • red scarf/hat for Bradley (already have the yarn)

      Much more to come!!!