Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Brag Book

Sometimes you just have to brag on your kiddos...warning, gushing post.  I am constantly taking pictures of my crew, but the other day I stumbled upon old videos of little Bradley and his tiny little voice.  Why oh why don't I take more videos of them!  They grow up so quickly and seeing the changes are very evident through videos.  Also, my crew just loves to watch old videos of themselves as babies.  They think it is hilarious!

This little thing that just learned to talk and speak in full sentences not too long ago is singing.  I mean full on singing.  Here are some of her favorite songs, and of course the ever popular ABCs.  Blown away by her and her constant growth.

Then these big kiddos have been working their hardest to learn the piano.  They had their first formal recital this weekend in front of a large group of parents and friends.  So proud of their hard work!

Ellie strumming away on the big piano...

Bradley has truly worked so hard!  His teacher challenged him to practice for 100 days in a row and he just finished this week!  If he was sick or when were out of town he would practice twice a day to make up his missed practices.  Such determination!  

Lastly, everyone took a bunch of skiing lessons a week ago up at Wintergreen.  Grace has been dying to learn to ski like her big brother and sister.  My Dad and I tried to take her skiing and teach her ourselves a few weeks ago and it proved to be just way too challenging.

I told her that if she wanted to ski with us she would have to take lessons at the ski school by herself.  This is where her determination is going to outshine her fear of being left alone.  She said she would do it, and I almost fell on the floor.  

This is the girl that cries for over an hour when I tell her a babysitter is coming...and she knows them....and her siblings will be with her...and she is in her safe, warm house.  She was going to let me leave her alone; for the day; on a mountain; with people she didn't know; in the cold.  Whelp!  I jumped on it!

Here she is!!!! In full ski gear!  Rocking out classes without her Mom and family!  Proud of this girl a million times over!  

I was so excited that she learned to ski, but I was even more proud of her for going to the classes!  She is breaking down barriers at every turn.  Go Gracie!!!

Bradley has done so well with his skiing too!  I wish I had some pictures of Ellie, but the whole day I was skiing on the mountain I never ran into her class.  I did get this great video of Bradley shredding down the mountain.  He has learned to ride some new lifts, and even is doing some intermediate slopes!

Thanks for putting up with my brag book, love this crew and all of their hard work!

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CousinFest '09 said...

This makes me so proud of the entire Winn family. Way to go Grace, Ellie, and Bradley!!!❤️