Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Nutcracker Ballet


What a wonderful December!  It was filled with family memories and our first big ballet performance!  Ellie auditioned for our local Nutcracker performance and she was chosen to be a party guest and an angel in the second act.  I was so proud of all of her hard work, practicing and rehearsing every Friday afternoon from Sept - December.  It was quite a commitment and she saw it through to the end!  

I hope she enjoyed the time on stage, and maybe she got the ballet fever?  I know I have it still at age...36!!  I was kind of a giddy little kid back stage with her watching all of the professional dancers warm up, practice, and twirl around.  There were two casts for the performances and Ellie was in two shows on a Sunday.  The excitement was too much!  Below is a picture of all of the party guests.  The older girls would guide the younger dancers and make sure they were in just their right spot on stage.  It was so sweet how much they bonded and looked up to the bigger dancers.

Heading to our spots for the first performance...

waiting behind the curtains...

There was lots of waiting back stage. LOTS.  So the moms that were volunteering with me tried to bring lots of games and activities that the girls could do quietly.

Below is a picture of all of the girls with their candles getting ready behind the curtains.  The older dancers were so sweet and kind to the younger girls.

They had to cover up their candles with their hands to hide the light until it was their turn on stage!

Not the greatest shot, but there is Ellie all the way on the left holding up her little candle!  And below is a picture of the whole group of angels on the night of the dress rehearsal.

After the dress rehearsal we got a chance to sit in the audience and watch some of Act II!  

The older girls reading The Nutcracker book to the younger dancers.

Hanging with Gigi and Pop Pop after the show!

And with her sweet cousin Sammy!  Their outfits matched and they looked like they could be siblings!

Even Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam made the trip to see her perform!

Goofing around back stage!

Daddy and his girl!

Oh Ellie, I love you so!  I love whoever captured this picture of me smiling at you!  I was proud of you, your hard work, conquering your fears of stage fright and "messing up."  You just had a ball with the whole show and made Mommy and Daddy so proud!  Love you thisssss big!

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