Thursday, January 28, 2016

Disney Adventures

I don't even know where to begin...The Disney Cruise was magical, fun, and unforgettable.  Traveling with this crew is always an adventure, but Grace officially rocked out her first flight, security checks, and cruise ship fire drill (that was stressful.).  But once we got through that it was perfect!

The Disney Dream ship was abosultely stunning.  I was surprised by the size of our room, and how much space we had for five people on a boat!  They outfitted our room with lots of fun Disney details, including Peter Pan constellations in the bunk beds, and any Disney show or movie on the TV.  The pictures below are the girls watching out the window as the shipped pulled into Castaway Cay the second day.  The window in our room was huge, and it even had a window seat to watch the ocean pass us by.

This is a picture of the kids bunk beds in our room.  There was also a murphy bed by the window too!  They all wanted turns in the different beds, so each night they would switch their bed to test it out.

We got off the boat on Castaway Cay to swim in the ocean, but you can see the storm clouds behind the boat.  It wasn't long before the rain started pouring down.  After hiding out for 30 minutes in a souvenir shop on the island, we decided to head back to the boat and hang out there.  

Bradley telling the girls about the different areas on the boat.

There was an awesome kid area that we visited two to three times a day!  We could hardly get Bradley out of there.  He was allowed to come in and out of the kid zone whenever he wanted.  The room was equipped with two phones that called each other.  Then he could move around the ship and call us if he needed us.  The girls and I played in the Toy Story part of the kid area one morning, and it was fantastic.

Grace and Chris went to play here one morning and Donald Duck appeared in the area.  Then Grace got to play duck, duck, goose with Donald Duck!  The cruise boat really allowed the kids to see the characters all of the time, and it felt very personal.

Ellie and Grace and I were walking to the children's area and we ran right into Goofy walking down the hall!  They got hugs and kisses from Goofy, too sweet!

Just a few pictures of the ship...

The top of the boat, pools, and of course an awesome Mickey Mouse slide.

Bradley finally got the courage to ride the Aquaduct.  It was a water slide that went around the entire ship and even took you out over the ocean.

The pictures below are of Bradley waving to us from the Aquaduct.

Littlest one swimming in the Mickey pool.  Love her happy face!

There is so much more to coming soon!!

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