Monday, December 21, 2015

Feeling Thankful

Life can get so busy and crazy this time of year.  I know that I have felt our lives just pick up the pace since Halloween!  From our trip to birthdays, Thanksgiving, and now I find myself getting ready to celebrate Christmas once again.  How do the years go by so quickly?  Working, parenting, and just life seems to be whizzing by, and I want things to slow down some days!  

I captured all of these images on my iPhone on Thanksgiving Day.  They aren't the greatest pictures, but they are my life right now...  Busy, no time for editing, just click and upload!  The picture above is one of my favorites from the holiday.  Mom and Dad piled up with all of their grandkids just laughing and giggling.  It is so nice that they are close and get to see everyone so often!  They have been a huge, huge help to me this fall while I have been taking Gracie to therapy at UVA and I don't know what I would have down without their help!  Thank you Gigi and Pop Pop!!

My girls...Chris snapped this picture right before bedtime, and we took a million pictures just to get this one that isn't too blurry!  Grace was a moving target and was over picture taking at this point in the night.  These girls are my heart and I love them both dearly!

The whole crew settled in for Thanksgiving Dinner!

We opted out of any Black Friday shopping and took the kids hiking at Sugar Hollow.  We made it farther than we have ever been, and got to see some new sights.  Each time we go we drag the kids a little bit further into the woods with hopes that we will build up their endurance.  They are becoming pretty good hikers despite lots and lots of complaining on the way back.  Ellie repeated a million times that "her legs were going to fall off"  "that her feet we killing her" on and on.  This is all the while that I am carrying Grace on my back who weighs over 40 pounds!  Oh the joys of forced, family, fun!  One day it will stick and they will enjoy it, right?!!
Oh the poses you get with these two are hilarious!  Vogue looks from Ellie with her hands on her hips, to I have no clue what Gracie is up to!

Then this boy just walked and explored and really took it all in!  He was up ahead of the crew for most of the walk telling us where to go next!  Love his adventurous spirit and willingness to be a leader!  A quick picture of Lucy Belle above, she was in and out of the water all morning!

Good luck getting ready for Christmas, I am going to try to take a deep breath and enjoy my two weeks at home with my crew!  

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