Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Raising Grace


There is no formula for parenthood.  There is no supreme guidebook that tells you exactly what to do.  There isn’t  magic potion to drink at night that will give you all of the answers.  (although sometimes wine works)

You are just IN it.  You LIVE it every day.  You figure it out day by day.  You make mistakes.  You fall down.  You try again.  You have the highest highs.  You have the lowest lows.  You try your best with the tools you have. 

Raising Grace has been a test of everything I thought I knew as a mother and then some.  She has worried us.  She has made me feel sick with concern.  She has had such hard moments.  She has had tremendous growth.  She has re-learned how to sleep, learned how to talk in less than a year, and surprised us with her observance of the world around her.

Grace has tested everything I “thought I knew” about early childhood and development.  Children have set-backs, and those same children can have amazing growth and progress.


I have been almost hiding from my blog.  I am not 100% ready to share our most recent journey with Grace yet.  I have debated sharing our struggles in such a public place.  But, the other night I sat down and read every post I had written about Grace since she was born.  It was so cleansing.  After reading all of the posts I felt that this is still the best place for me to write from my heart.  Just sharing sweet pictures of our family at the beach isn’t the full story of my life right now. This is my little place to share our journey.  And currently our journey is rocky and hard. We still have some more hills to climb and mountains to conquer in the next few weeks.  If you have a moment say a little prayer or send some positive juju our way.  My little world of motherhood has been turned on its head this past month.  It isn’t life altering, it is just hard stuff.

Parenting is hard no matter what journey you are on.  We all LOVE our children with a fierceness that is scary.  This littlest one with the sweet blond curls holds the key to my heart. 

I love you my fearless Gracie girl.

Your sweet little sunflower swim suit jumping into tide pools this summer.  I will think of this when we are climbing our mountains together.