Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tie Dye Baby

Gracie has officially perfected the  “army crawl.”  Bradley and Ellie never did the army crawl.  They just went straight to crawling.  Gracie is super cool and special since she is the last baby and decided that she is going to try things her own way.  She started by just scooting around the rug in the family room, but lately she has gotten more and more adventuresome with her crawling.


She loves to make her way into the kitchen.  She is usually given a small prize for all of her hard work, like a box of Tupperware.  Who doesn’t love a big box of lids to gnaw on??


Her next stop is the bread basket.  It is super exciting and full of fun plastic bags to get into.  Sometimes she will make a pit stop at the sippy cup basket and pull out all of Bradley’s cups and lids.  Last but not least she will spend a good deal of time working on the cabinet locks.  They are always so intriguing and must hold hidden treasures if the cabinets are locked, right?!


Gracie is sporting her tie dye onesie that Bradley and I made for her a few weeks ago.  I just made a onesie and few shirts for the big kids and they turned out super super cute.  My tip---use LOTS and LOTS of the dye.  Even though the box said not to saturate the clothing.  I think they turned out bright and fun!

The beach countdown is on—three more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crafty Crafty-Ness


I obsess about the house.  Every room.  Every detail.  Moving pictures this way and that.  Selling tables, old baby items, piling up books and old pillows for Goodwill.  I don’t know where it is all coming from.  Part of it is being home SO much.  When your home is like your office you notice every detail and you want things to look a certain way.  The other part of the obsession is knowing that this will be our forever home.  And if not forever, then for a long, long time.  That feeling is so great!  It inspires me to think long and hard about the house.  What do I want it to look like?  What do I want to feel when I walk into each room?

Chris and I made a deal that we would “work” on three major house items a year.  It is just so expensive to do it all, and I seem to do well just setting smaller goals at a time.  This year was…the front porch furniture (that we love by the way!!), the dining room, and a new family room rug (thanks to the kids the light cream rug was not looking so hot).  We have finished all three projects and I am so happy with how everything turned out!


I finally finished up the dining room this weekend.  I really wanted something that would compliment the curtains in the family room, but I didn’t want to do another floral curtain.  I found this pattern and I fell in love!  I actually used the same exact rod pocket sewing pattern that I used with the family room curtains, but I added eight inches to the length because I wanted them to puddle on the floor. 


I think they look great when you stand in the kitchen and see one set of curtains and then look in the dining room you can see how they coordinate.  I will say that completing eight panels, the added length, and having one more child to take care of made these curtains a true labor of love.  They took me over a month to complete, working on them little by little.  I was only able to do one part of the curtain at a time, I was just so tired at night.  And forget about trying to work on them during the day!  That’s not going to happen!


While I was in the middle of this project, Chris recovered our dining room chairs with a coordinating blue fabric.  I forgot to get a close up, but I will soon so you can see them!  They turned out great…Thanks babe!


I also decided to do away with all of my old rooster/kitchen stuff.  They didn’t go with this house, and it was time for them to find other rooster loving homes.  I replaced the two photos near the kitchen table with coral prints that I found online, and then I distressed the frames to give them a softer look.

I decided to add some new things in the kitchen…


One wall now houses the kids handprints.  They turned out really cute.  Three white canvases + paint + sweet little hands = cute wall art!  The other side is going to have some new “subway art” that I purchased from etsy.  It hasn’t arrived yet, I can’t wait!!

In other crafty craftiness I made this wreath for the front door a long while ago…when Grace was just three months old.  I had big plans to do a post about how I made it and my new obsession with felt flowers and just how easy they are to make.  But, seeing as I can hardly put a post together lately, the pictures will have to do (only six months later).




This was actually so fun to make!  I made it one night when I was watching a movie and it was so easy!  I hope to make some more, or some themed wreaths with the same idea this fall.  Now that the curtains are done, I can move onto the next crafty thing….suggestions??

Love, Clare

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Once Upon a Hot Summer Day


It has been HOT here, as in super, duper, not wanting to go outside at all, HOT!!  This is just a snippet of what we do when it is too hot in the summer….

We moved the water table underneath the deck.  It is nice a cool down there and it is perfect place to play in the afternoon.  Especially when I let the kids have access to the hose, buckets, sponges, and pretty much anything else that can get them sopping wet.


We also spent the day with cousin Sammy visiting the Children’s Museum.  It was so fun!  We dug for dinosaur bones, hooked up mufflers, played with scarves and drove in an ambulance.  Another one to check off the summer bucket list!


Group shot on top of the dinosaurs…Cousin Love!!



What is better than Coldstone on a HOT day?? Can’t really think of anything!  It was fun to torture Chris with these photos while he was outside working.  He LOVES Colstone more than me probably, and there isn’t one close to our house.  He was a little bit jealous!


Aunt Annmarie came down for a visit over the 4th of July.  She brought her daughter’s old Fisher Price play house.  Let’s just say that it has been a huge hit over here!  Thanks Aunt Annmarie!


We have also been crafting up a storm.  Perler Beads are the lasted obsession.  Bradley has recruited Chris and I to sort colors while he creates masterpieces.  I found this great huge bead board that is clear at Joann Fabrics.  I also found a booklet with 100 different projects.  You just lay them beneath the board and you can make all kinds of things.  Very fun!


Then when we get really bored, we just dress up in funny hats or take random trips to the grocery store for entertainment.  Stay cool people!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Itty Bitty


The first thing you think of with this baby probably isn’t “itty bitty” but she sure is to me.  I can’t believe how much she has changed lately.  It is as if she is trying to grow up super fast, just to catch up with her siblings, and make her mommy want to freeze time.  She is officially on-the-go.  She army crawls all over the place; under tables, banging on the fire place screen, chewing on the shoes in the family room, gnawing on the legs of the jumperoo.  Nothing is out of her reach.  If she wants it, she just pulls with her arms and uses her back foot to push off.

Grace is sitting like a champ.  This skill seemed to go hand in hand with her army crawling.  Because as soon as she was really able to sit up, she started crawling.  I am now lucky if she will sit for two whole seconds before she off and into something or someone’s stuff.


Grace’s smile is contagious.  She will light up when she sees mommy, daddy, or big brother bradley.  Ellie is super special because she will usually get a smile and some lough squawking.  Gotta get that awesome big sister’s attention somehow, right?  Ellie can’t decide if she thinks Grace is fun or annoying, or probably a little bit of both.  Now that Grace is into her stuff she definitely gets Ellie going.  I am working hard on the idea of sharing, although sharing with a baby and a two year old might be a bit of a stretch.  But we are trying to work on it.


I can’t believe this itty bitty is now eight whole months old.  We are rounding on her first year, and I just don’t know where it all went.  She is growing more teeth earlier than any of my other kiddos.  She has three on the bottom and two broken through on the top, with two more on the way.  She is going to have a full set of teeth before she is one!  Teeth and eating up a storm, she is becoming more and more of a one year old and less and less of a little newborn.  19 lbs. 10 oz at her last check up is quite a difference from the little bundle we brought home.


Slow down little girl, there isn’t a need to rush!!  I have the big one at Kindergarten Camp this week.  Ya’ll are going to give this mommy a breakdown if you don’t quit it!  No one said you were allowed to grow up this fast!

I love you my little itty bitty blue eyed babe.  Love, mommy 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Life Unplugged

I can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since I have written a blog post.  Summertime has taken over at our house and apparently that includes my blog.  Most of the reason I have been so absent has been the lack of power, internet, and phone service at our house.  We were part of that huge storm system that hit on Friday night and there was a lot of destruction done in our beautiful neighborhood.  They estimated that the wind gusts were up to 70 to 80 miles per hour.  That is no joke! 

We were actually one of the lucky homes and only lost power for about a day, but others just down the street from us weren’t so lucky.  We had some of our neighbors stay with us to get out of the horrible heat.  It is one thing to lose power, it is another thing to lose it on 100 degree days in the middle of July.  We were lucky that our house faired ok in the storm.  We only lost a ceiling fan from the front porch.  I know there are many people with trees on their homes and lots of damage.   

I only had access to the internet from my little iphone and it was kind of nice to be really unplugged for a while.  I couldn’t get online at home, blog, or check my voicemail.  I have a lot to catch you up on, but for now here are some of my favorites from these past two weeks of summer…


We have been to the lake a bunch of times lately.  We recently went to celebrate the 4th, but we also went to get into some AC after the storm, and before that to hit up some good old boat and tube riding.  Of course you can’t go to the lake without your potty and your iphone.  It is a good thing there is a lot of shade down by the water, because Ellie spent her day swimming and making trips to the potty.  I will have to do another post on our whole potty training expedition, but knock on wood she is doing excellent! 


After potty time it is always good to eat a snack with Gigi!


Or float around with Pop Pop


And then ride on the tube with mommy!!  Ellie rode with us and she loved it!


Then on a really hot afternoon you might let your mommy paint your face, just because.  She was a bit of a wiggle worm, but the butterfly turned out pretty good overall!


And then I made Bradley a rough and tough army solider.  He said he was doing his “mean face.” 

There is lots more to share, the bucket list is getting checked off daily.  For now I am just enjoying the days of summer, the pool, the laid back schedule, and having lots of time with these crazy kiddos…



Love, Clare