Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Because


Just because you are simply scrumptious in your dress that Aunt Kim bought you I had to take your picture.  And of course you are now officially “THREE” months old!  How in the world did that happen??


Just because you have perfected your smile and I was trying extremely hard to catch it on camera!!  I would laugh and giggle and make googlie eyes at you…you would smile and then click it would be gone for the camera.  I did manage to catch this little one though it hardly does your gummy mouthy smile justice. 

You light up the room when mommy or daddy walk in.  It is like you are saying, “Oh there she is!  My most favorite person on the planet!” 

I hope you will always look at me that way, because I know that is how I look at you!


Just because the serious face is probably just as cute as the smilie face is…along with the amazing size of your belly!  It rivals the great budda bellies and the amazing rolly polly legs.  I think there are knees somewhere hidden there. 


Just because you have decided that you are going to be the easiest baby we have ever had.  You figured it out a few weeks ago.  The napping on your own.  You fuss for a minute or two, but then you lay your head down and put yourself to sleep.  The night time sleep took some time, but we have finally arrived.  A few weeks ago you started stretching it out, six, eight, then ten or eleven hours.  Then two weeks ago you found your thumb and have hardly looked back.  You suck on it during naps and at night.  You have slept 12 hours for two weeks now.  Fussing out a few times, but by the time I run in I find you back asleep and sucking your thumb.  Thank you sweet Grace for this gift of sleep!  It feels amazing and makes me a better mommy and wife and just makes the house a happier place when everyone is getting rest.


I love you sweet Gracie girl.  I love your rolls and your little mouth and most perfect little blue eyes. 

You remind me of your brother and sister and that makes me smile too. 

I love to see you sucking your thumb or trying to find it when you are sitting in the bouncy seat.  You are so proud and happy when you get it in your mouth! 

Don’t grow up too fast little babe, I’m not ready for any more changes yet!  I just want to soak you up as you are!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Toddler + Shaving Cream =


yes, we have been spending a lot of time at home.  and just to add to our crazy little house, I let my 21 month old have a shaving cream match in the kitchen.  ellie –1   kitchen – 0


we were all home the other day and decided to do some crafts in the kitchen.  Ellie had a ball with the shaving cream, as you can see.  Bradley stuck his hands in his tray and starting crying.  He looked at me and said, “I don’t like it!”

I think he’ll stick with water colors for now…


We have filled our days with some major arts and crafts.  Some of this…


finger paint for ellie, water colors for bradley, and a lot of watching the big kids by grace.  I love it!


I love this sweet little thing in a bumbo…


It doesn’t get much cuter!


Bradley made snowmen with a  paper towel roll the other day.  They turned out quite cute!  Of course I didn’t get a picture of the final product, I was lucky to snap this one!  When we aren’t crafting, you will often find the kiddos doing a lot of this…


Elmo, Angry Birds, Super Why, Read Aloud Books, apps, apps, and more apps, how in the world did we survive without the ipad just a month ago??


Or we may just have a pow wow on the floor, surrounded by Cheez-its, a spit up covered baby, a boppy, and the play gym, my house has exploded children and baby toys and will never, ever be the same.

Just a quick update…Ellie hated getting her eye drops for pink eye.  Especially when we had to give them every two hours for two days.  She seems to be better, but they both are still working on some yucky colds.  Lord, spring will not come soon enough!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy Town


I live in a place I like to call “Crazy Town.”  It is my own little place, in my own little house, where children eat their lunches while wearing knit hats and little scooters fly around the house with crazy drivers at the wheel…

crazy town drivers

Crazy town is beginning to get the best of me these days.  I haven’t really mentioned in my past blog posts about our winter, but it has been a sick one.  And what I mean by that is that Ellie has been sick, sick, sick.  Fussy, fussy, fussy, and mommy is just plain tired.  She is making our little crazy town even more crazy every day!


In no particular order, we have had throw up, hives, fevers, ruptured ear infections, more ear infections, nasty cough, nasty colds, three different rounds of antibiotics.  This has all been since Thanksgiving!!  I am pulling my hair out with her on a daily basis.  She HATES her medicine, you have to hold her down or use two people just to give it to her.  She kicks, hits, and spits it out if you don’t hold her mouth open to make her swallow it.  She HATES to have her diaper changed.  She hits, kicks, and sticks her foot in her poopy diaper in the process, pretty much every single time.  Every seen a poopy diaper after three rounds of antibiotics??

She HATES pretty much anything that involves telling her what she has to do if it isn’t her idea.  Granted she has felt like crap, but SERIOUSLY!!?!  Then we were finally well…no cold, no cough, nada.  For all of four days (I am not kidding!).  Then Bradley got a fever and a double ear infection.  Then poor Ellie woke up sunday night with a fever of 103 and now pink eye.  Chris just picked up the drops tonight….

You must give them every TWO hours!!!  They didn’t prescribe a straight jacket to give them with, so I am not sure how this is going to fly tomorrow.

I know I am venting.  I am grateful and happy, blah blah blah.  But I also have had the sickest winter ever, and a fussy toddler and a newborn too!  Yikes!!  I still am not quite sure where we are getting all of this from, because we are lucky if we leave the house to pick up Bradley from preschool on time.  Let alone go out and about on the town!


This little peanut sure makes crazy town cuter, but it is still crazy.  She must be wondering what type of loony bin she ended up in!

Ellie on her scooter

I wanted to write a blog post about my sweet little kiddos.  Take some beautiful pictures of Gracie making the most adorable gummy smiles I have ever seen.  I then realized that I haven’t picked up my camera in days.  I have taken all of 20 or so pictures in January.  At least I have picked up my iphone long enough to video tape Ellie riding her scooter in full on jewelry and sunglasses, all while sporting a fever of 103.  You would never know by the video that she was sick as a dog.

I am just trying to keep it real.  This blog is about our crazy little life, and the adventure we are on with three little kiddos.  Some parts of life are just hard, and you have to stumble through.  Waking up and wondering how you are going to tackle another day stuck in your house with a sick toddler and a newborn baby.  I want to remember these hard times too.  These are the times that form us, and make us realize how strong we are.  None of this is life threatening or really that bad in the scheme of things.  It is just the daily grind of being at home.  I love it.  And sometimes I hate it. And I love the in between of it.

Someday I will wonder what to do with all of my free time.  We went downstairs to clean up the basement the other day before the holidays.  I had to nurse Grace before we started picking up.  This is what happened to the basement while I was nursing….IMG_0145

Yup.  That blue bucket…that is what I was going to use to clean.  That little blurry head is Ellie.  And that is definitely Woody going for a ride in the shopping cart.


This is what life is sometimes.  Well my life that is.  Don’t be jealous people.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Overdue Birthday Letter to My Big Five Year Old

Delivery B&W

This post is long overdue…

Bradley I can’t believe that you are an AMAZING five years old!  On the day you were born I never would have dreamed the adventures that lay before us.  The love that would capture us.  And the bond that would form between us.  You taught me everything I know about how to be a Mom.  Loving unconditionally.  Giving more of myself than I ever thought possible.  And truly feeling for another human more compassion than I ever thought possible.


Your gorgeous baby face I could have eaten up with a spoon.  Those little cheeks, the lips, and the drool hanging from your chin.  I never thought that you would grow up so fast.  I remember imagining the day I would send you off to school, and to think that day is just months away breaks my heart. 

We talk about it often.  You being a big boy and riding on the bus to school every day.  I tell you how sad I will be to have you gone and how much I will miss you.  You say not to worry mommy, the bus will bring me home in the afternoon.  silly mommy.


you turned one.  time marches on.  quicker than I would like.  life catches you by surprise sometimes.  looking back through these pictures remind me of the mommy I was when I just had one little person to worry over.  and the mommy I am now balancing the care of three little children.  I will always treasure those first three years, of just me and bradley time.  what a special time we had together.  I will be thankful for it, and for my sweet husband letting me be home to enjoy it.

I just started going through your bin of little itty bitty first year clothes last week.  there were just some things I couldn’t part with.  it is almost like holding on to them makes me feel better.  the little matching sweaters and hats.  I am saving them for someone special.  a friend or a nephew that will truly love them.  I can’t just sell them to a stranger.  the memories are too strong.  isn’t that weird that clothes can remind us specific places and times in our lives?


then two came and went.  you grew up from a toddler to little speaking, singing, and opinionated two year old.  no one told me what was in store for me from the ages of 15 months to 24 months.  you blew my mind!  I saw a lot of this…


but we made it through together, me and my little man.  it all feels like a blur now, the tantrums, the fits, and the power of wills.  you showed me that love means even more when you are ready to pull your hair out!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with ellie, the words are increasing and the tantrums are slowing down with her.  it is a process!


  My sweet three year old!  Turning two to three was such a special year for me.  I was pregnant with ellie for part of the year, but we had lots and lots of time together.  We went on many play dates, to the little gym every week, to the library, and two mornings to preschool.  you turned into such a fun loving little boy, who would sleep in a big bed and go pee pee on the potty.  You were the apple of our eye, and turning into such a little man.


From three to four I saw the sweetness in you come out full force.  you became a big brother, learned how to share your time with Mommy, and loved every second of it.  You also started to love “big boy” things like batman and spiderman.  We had ellie, built our house, and moved all the while you handled it with ease.  I would say three to four was one of my favorite years with you by far.  You just blossomed socially and in school. 




And here we are, wrapping up the year of four to five.  This past year was another big one!  You became a big brother for the second time, handing it with amazing love and patience.  We have seen little sides of jealousy and fighting for our attention lately, but that is to be expected.  You are still so gentle and sweet with Grace it amazes me.  Your patience for Ellie is about as long as mine, she definitely loves you so much and loves to get into your stuff too! 


This picture just brings me to tears.  The thought that you were once that small just a short, short time ago.  Now you are the big one, with the hazel eyes, the loving smile and the stories that last a million years.  You have inherited my story telling abilities for sure.  You will talk mommy and daddy to death and talk to just about anyone who will listen.  From Gigi and Pop Pop, to Grandma on skype, to the Orkin man Melvin when he stops by once a month. 


I hope you will know how truly special you are.  I know my patience is short these days.  I am tired and worn out.  I don’t have time to play with you as much as I would like.  As soon as I sit down to get started coloring with you someone needs me or Ellie has stolen a marker to write with on the walls (she just did that this week!).  But I promise that things will settle down soon, and I won’t always have a crazy toddler to chase after. 


You are my little golden boy.  Sweet as pie.  A rule follower.  A demander of justice and right and wrong.  You want to please and always do the right thing.  I hope that never changes.  I hope that you continue to grow up as happy and sweet as you are right now.  I want to bottle up your kindness and pass it around.  The world needs a million more people as kind and compassionate as you.

I love you, my Big Five year old boy!  Love your mama

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let’s Review 2011…


We kicked off January with a baby meeting in northern, va.  Gotta love the besties and their sweet little ones!  I spent a lot of January taking photography classes and knitting.  Little did I know what was in store for me in 2011!!


My pictures slowly started getting better, with a face like this who needs inspiration?

DSC_0145 - Copy

February was spent taking more and more photos, learning how to sew, and wondering why in the world I was SO exhausted?!


March I soon realized exactly why I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I didn’t reveal it for a little bit longer…so instead we spent the month getting ready for the little lady to turn one!


She turned one in style, and announced to the world that she was going to be a big sister soon too!


April brought spring and me finally feeling better!  Chris and I got to get away for a fantastic weekend at a B & B!


Along with an amazing trip with just Bradley to Busch Gardens!  Such a special time with him!


May brought an amazing first camping trip with Uncle Adam and Aunt Kim, complete with our very first head lamps!


Along with some much needed outside adventures down to creek!


June began our fun in the sun, with many many trips to the pool!


Ellie spent a good part of June working on the whole walking gig.  She finally figured it out!  (I also see the beginning of some beautiful curls starting to grow!)


One part of June that I would rather forget was the terrible, horrible fever that lasted for two weeks and sent us to the hospital three times.  So not fun!


July was spent recovering and trying to enjoy as much of summer as possible once everyone was healthy!


Bradley trying to enjoy the 4th of July parade despite the heat.  We had to leave early because he started to feel bad again.  It was a long virus!!

August took us to the beach for another wonderful summer vacation!



September was back to school and getting ready for baby Grace!  Full nesting mode had set in!  Someone started to grow her first piggy tail!


And a bigger boy tried out soccer for the first time and fell in love with the sport!


October was an unforgettable month with the birth of Grace…


Letting her get to know her brother and sister…


And some really cute trick or treaters


November was a whirlwind of late night feedings and full on survival mode.  We cuddled that sweet baby…


and tried to entertain a very busy toddler


December was a jammed packed month as always with Bradley turning five and a beautiful Christmas with three children!



What an amazing 2011!  I couldn’t have asked or even imagined that this would be our life last year at the end of 2010.  You never know where the path of life is going to lead, you just have to follow the road bumpy and smooth. 

Cheers to a New Year!

Happy 2012, may yours be magical!